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Lefay Spa Method Pillars

The pillars are the five principles on which the Health Programmes are based


Medical Energy Examination

The energy doctor makes enquiries regarding certain characteristics of the body that range from dreams to digestion, trying to perceive any small changes in energy in the body before these changes develop into a disease. The doctor also observes the skin tone, listens to the tone of the voice, asks about favourite food and takes the radial pulse. For this examination he also uses scientific instruments that reflect both Eastern and Western principles, consistent with the philosophy of Lefay SPA Method. This procedure allows an energy diagnosis that can be used to provide specific treatments for any detected changes.

Treatments of Chinese and Western Tradition

The treatments aim to reactivate energy channels as well as rebalance the energy of body and mind, and are personalised according to the individual psycho-physical state. They have been developed by combining the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western techniques. They combine traditional massage techniques with the stimulation of “points and meridians” that activate the "energy" function, thus ensuring a deep and long-lasting result. This method enhances the effects of a traditional massage, because the body receives an “energy message” which will be remembered and elaborated over time.

Holistic Disciplines and Breathing

Physical and energy rebalancing activities, such as Qi Gong and Meridian Stretching, are techniques that embody an ancient philosophy and help restore a healthy energy balance. Qi Gong is a Chinese practice that in its simplicity teaches us to go deep within ourselves by momentarily closing the doors to the outside world; this allows us to learn, through body, mind and breath, all about us. The Stretching of Meridians is a discipline in which the movements relax the muscles along the meridians, loosen the tendons, open up the joints and remove energy and mental blockages.

Phytotherapy and Nutritional Supplements

The Lefay SPA Method uses the oldest form of phytotherapy within its programmes: the herbal tea. The Scientific Committee has studied mixtures of organic Western plants created by combining the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western scientific research. The herbal teas have been formulated both for their inner properties and for their energy function in line with the values of Lefay Spa Method. During the initial examination a specific herbal tea is recommended to be taken during and after the stay.

Healthy Eating

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in preventive medicine. Lefay SPA Menu is a detoxifying and marginally low-calorie dietary approach whose purpose is to ensure energy supply through selected foods. For Classical Chinese Medicine, the taste of food is of great importance. For this reason, in order not to change the properties of foods, seasonings are reduced by using small amounts of extra virgin olive oil, little salt and alternative sugars that do not affect the glycaemic index such as erythritol, xylitol and trehalose. The main aim is to enhance the "Sheng" of the food, i.e. its intrinsic properties. The purpose is to help people improve their eating habits by educating them about the nutritional properties of different foods and the psychological processes that determine attitudes towards food.

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The Health Programmes are conceived to bring about a change to achieve a complete sense of physical well-being.

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